Auto Impact Restoration


What if a car hits your home or office?

Auto Impact is an uncommon problem, but a severe one.  The damage left by an automobile may cause parts of a building to collapse.

If your house is next to a road then it may be more likely for you to experience an auto impact, and if you are impacted, it may be more severe.

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A cascade of problems with auto impacts.

Car Crashed Into House

When a car hits your house it’s likely that even after the vehicle has done it’s damage, more of the structure could become destabilized and collapse. That’s why it’s so important to call a restoration company quickly.  A restoration company’s first priority is to make sure structural integrity is restored, and parts of the building that are at risk are repaired or removed before further harm is done.

Steps You Can Take When An Auto Impact Occurs

When a car crashes into your Building it’s structural integrity becomes compromised. You’ll want to get out of the damaged area as soon as possible.

1. Ensure Personal Safety

Safety is #1! Keep everyone away from the site of the crash. Parts of the building may have become unstable or hazardous.

2. Do Not Remove The Vehicle

Trying to remove the vehicle, or have the driver back out is ill advised. Removing the vehicle could destablize the building and cause more harm.

3. Call Pristine Restoration

Call us immediately, and we'll get you a no-hassle proposal to handle your restoration project, from start to finish.

4. Document Damages

Taking pictures will help when filing an insurance claim, or for identifying potential dangers.

5. Contact Your Homeowner's Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company to alert them of the damages. Pristine Restoration works directly with your insurance company.

6. Rest Assured

We'll professionally handle the restoration process from start to finish in a timely manner. We have you covered!

No-hassle, No-Obligation Estimates

If you’ve suffered a loss due to auto impact damage at your home or office, don’t wait on your restoration project, especially if there is significant structural damage.

Pristine Restoration has years of experience dealing with auto impact damage in Arizona.  Our professional and certified assessors will come out right away to check the damage, help mitigate further damage, document any issues, and work closely with your insurance provider to get your home or office back to its original condition.

Simply fill out the simple form below, and one of our professional assessors will get back with you quickly.  If you’d like to contact us immediately, please call us at the number below, and we’ll be able to help you right away!

Car Hit Business

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Our Work Process

We’re equipped to handle any situation caused by a motor vehicle accident.


Assess Damage

We'll make a thorough inspection of crash, and create a plan to safely repair the area.


Provide Estimate

After a thorough assessment of all the work that will need to be done, we provide you with the costs with plenty of lenient financing options.


Clear The Site

We'll make sure the vehicle, and any debris are removed from the site of the crash.


Rebuild / Restore

We always take great care to return your property to its prior condition and leave no sign of damage behind.


Walkthrough & Review

We'll do a walkthrough to ensure that we didn't miss anything, and to confirm that you're absolutely happy with our work.



We handle all the documentation and paperwork that needs to be done for your insurance provider.

Why Choose Pristine Restoration?

Thermal Pros is certified and well trusted in handling auto collisions on properties, no matter the degree of damage.

If you have had a car hit your house then it is essential that you contact a reputable restoration company.  reputability is important; you wouldn’t want the repaired area to collapse due to poor workmanship

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